Reshaping the Sky


When I finally gave myself permission to set out to meet the queer community living in remote areas far away from large cities, where you can still see the stars, I had no idea that I would also be meeting myself as an agender person. Along with my brethren, our gaze had to turn towards the complexity of the cosmos in order to better welcome our own, and to let our eyes, accustomed to the blinding light of cisheterocentrism, get used to the darkness of the night and of our closets—and watch the world appear in a whole new light.



“ His grainy, blurred and almost abstract images illustrate a personal journey that leads in different directions at the same time: Outwards, inwards, into the dark and towards the light, up to the sky and down to earth. ” -Queer Festival Heidelberg Photo Contest Jury


-Special mention: Coup de coeur, Photo Folio Review, Les Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles
-Official selection, Queer Festival Heidelberg
-Official selection, Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay
-Exposition, Centre Bang, Canada
-Exposition, Arprim, Canada
-Publication, Beside


This work was published in Reshaping the Sky.