Simon Emond (they/them) is a Canadian photographer from Métabetchouan, a small lakeside town in Quebec. Simon launched their first artistic endeavour in late 2017, when they exhibited Portrait both in gallery and in their hometown’s streets. In 2019, they followed up with Noir sirène, where Norwegian landscapes are transposed onto those of Lac Saint-Jean, and Undefeated Sun, a photo series realized on Christmas Eve. Simon has gone on to receive several grants, prizes, and honorary mentions locally and internationally, in addition to participating in numerous exhibitions both in Canada and abroad.

Recently, Simon co-published Rebâtir le ciel, an award-winning photo-literary work exploring the night sky along with queer communities living in remote areas. Also, their project Joan of the Dark was shortlisted for Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts’ Young Portfolio Prize (Japan). This body of work examines the artist’s sensory relationship to the themes of silence and drowning. In parallel, they are working on an in situ photo installation in Parc national de la Pointe-Taillon, in northern Quebec.

Simon’s work often eschews the direct references to reality inherent to the photographic medium, opting for a more flexible language via their own digital interventions, which are then concretized through the printing process. As such, Simon’s works are the result of explorations with post-production software, where the tweaking of brightness settings gives rise to a veritable mutation of the image. Their digital photos, taken in the field, thus go far beyond the subject and situation recorded by the camera. For Simon Emond, the print is the final embodiment of the photographic artwork.