Simon Emond (he, they) is a self-taught photographer from Métabetchouan, a small lakeside town in Quebec, Canada. Simon received several grants, prizes, and honorary mentions internationally, in addition to participating in numerous exhibitions in Canada, France, Denmark, Portugal and Italy. In 2023, Simon was shortlisted for the Lynne-Cohen Prize from the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and was chosen as the representative of Quebec-Canada in photography at the 9th Francophonie Games in Kinshasa.

Simon’s work often eschews the direct references to reality inherent to the photographic medium, opting for a more flexible language via their own digital interventions, which are then concretized through the printing process. As such, Simon’s works are the result of explorations with post-production software, where the tweaking of brightness settings gives rise to a veritable mutation of the image. Their digital photos, taken in the field, thus go far beyond the subject and situation recorded by the camera. For Simon Emond, the print is the final embodiment of the photographic artwork.